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1.Michael Rudnicki, Rudnicki Industrial Inc.

2.Wheelock and Berry Precision Engineering, Manchester UK

We have definitely found a difference in Diamondyzed parts over standard anodising.

We recently had need to ream out a small hole in a batch of Diamondyzed parts, and found it extremely difficult. The reaming tool was ineffective on the hard, smooth surface and it’s fair to say that we ‘wore the tool out’.

3.Tapio Niivila, Ride Concepts Inc, Canada

We are a Motocross suspension modification shop located in the centre of Canada.

In our industry, performance coatings are quite normal. Currently the best performing anodic coatings available are Kashima Coat and standard issue Hard Anodize. These coatings are used on suspension components with the intent to increase the suspension’s performance by decreasing friction between the moving parts.

I had a set of outer fork tubes for my own personal Motocross bike coated with your coloured DiamonDyze coating from Hupe Manufacturing. I am writing you this to let you know that the outcome was very successful. We are very impressed with this product!

The suspension had an immediately noticeable decrease in initial static friction. This resulted in an increase in compliance and overall suspension performance. An improvement on hard landings with these coated outer fork tubes was also noted. This improvement is from the decrease in the sliding friction between the fork bushings and the flexing outer fork tube during hard use.

I inspected these parts after a fair bit of use and there was no measurable or visible sign of wear. After testing the DiamonDyze coating on my personal bike, I am convinced that this product will be more beneficial to our customers than what is currently available.