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Guideline Prices For Coating And Ceramic Anodising Pistons 2018

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What We Coat And Why:

We coat the Piston Crowns with a ‘heat barrier’ to reduce carbon build-up, protect the piston against ignition damage and to keep heat in the combustion chamber for better detonation. This in turn allows the gases to exhaust quicker allowing cooler and denser air in on intake. We have three types of crown coating, all are suited to naturally aspirated engines, CBX to turbo type applications, PTG (Gold) to Top Fuel applications.

We coat Piston Skirts with solid film and/or dry film lubricants. These coatings allow us to ‘build-up’ piston diameters by up to 4 thou (per side) if necessary and finish with a softer dry film lubricant. These coatings are designed to reduce friction between the surface of the piston and the cylinder bore. These coatings are slippy to the touch but are also porous to absorb and retain wet lube beyond the normal squish parameters. Coating the pistons skirts will reduce piston slap, false knock and cold start wear as well as increasing engine efficiency.  

We coat Piston Underside with a heat dispersant to help the piston run cooler with effecting the rate of thermal expansion and to reduce the amount of oil sticking.

Bore Size (mm) Coating <70 71-100 >100
Crown (Nat. Asp. Engine) CBC-2 £15 £18 £21
Crown (Turbo/Top Fuel) CBX/PTG £18 £21 £24
Skirt TLML or CCL £12 £15 £19
Skirt Build Up TLMB + TLML £18 £21 £24
Underside TLTD £10 £13 £16

The following discounts apply to the prices above:

Crown + Skirt 10%      
Crown, Skirt + Underside          15%      

Minimum order value is £50.
Prices exclude carriage and VAT.
All pistons should be supplied less rings, rods, pins and circlips.
New and used pistons can be coated however excessively dirty/oily pistons may incur a preparation cost premium of 10%

Volume Discounts Apply Across The Coatings Range:

Spend over £500+V: 10% off
Spend over £750+V: 15% off
Spend over £1000+V: 20% off

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