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Guideline Retail Prices For Engines & Components 2018

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    1Cyl 2Cyl 3Cyl 4Cyl 5Cyl 6Cyl 8Cyl Other
Combustion Chamber Nat. Asp. Engine £20 £40 £60 £80 £100 £120 £160 POA
Combustion Chamber Turbo/Top Fuel £25 £45 £65 £90 £110 £130 £180 POA
Exhaust Ports TLHB £15 £25 £35 £45 £55 £65 £85 POA
Inlet Ports TLML £15 £25 £35 £45 £55 £65 £85 POA
Head TLTD £35 £45 £55 £75 £85 £105 £150 POA
Barrels TLTD £30 £40 £50 £65 £75 £95 £130 POA
Block/Cases TLTD £100 £150 £200 £250 £300 £350 £400 POA

Where 4str engines are used, valve faces are included in the combustion chamber costs above.

Component Parts

Valve Faces Naturally Aspirated CBC-2   £5 each
Valve Faces Turbo/Top Fuel CBX/PTG   £7 each
Valve Stems   TLML   £5 each
Valve Springs   TLML   £6 each
Bearing Shells   DFL-1   £30 per journal
Cams   CCL/DFL-1   £15/cylinder
Followers Sliding surfaces only CCL   £7 each
Gears   TLML From: £8 each
Rods Oil shedding TLLB From: £12 each
Sumps Oil shedding/inside TLLB From: 15p/Sq.Metre
Sumps Heat shedding/outside TLTD From: 15p/Sq.Metre
Casings   TLTD   POA
Radiators/Coolers   TLTD   POA
Differentials/Gear Boxes   TLTD   POA
Brake Assemblies   TLTD/CBC-2   POA

All assemblies must be completely stripped apart prior to Camcoat receiving the parts.
Any machining work required is best to be completed prior to Camcoat receiving the parts.
Minimum order value £50.
All prices above exclude VAT and carriage.

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