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Camcoat's Ceramic Exhaust Coatings

"Black Satin" - The most widely used ceramic exhaust coating around

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Brutus Motoguzzilemans

"Black Satin" ceramic exhaust coating is rated 1000˚C and is the most used exhaust coating in existance. There are hundreds of cars, motorcycles, boats, scooters, static engines and snowmobiles that have had their exhausts coated with this material, either by licenced Tech Line applicators or by self-application. In the UK it is available from Demon Tweeks and Rust Busters to customers who have accessibility to sandblasting and spraying facilities.

We are asked how the "Black Satin" coating can be a thermal barrier when black is a radiating colour. The answer is that the insulating chemical powders within the coating are black so operate as a thermal barrier when the engine is running but have the added advantage that the black coating dumps heat very quickly after the engine is turned off. Rally crews report that the exhaust manifold can be touched before the cam covers and we have had many customers remark on this benefit.

"Black Satin", like all of our ceramic exhaust coatings, has a smooth finish which is easy to keep clean with soapy water. Oil or grease stains can be removed with solvents such as break cleaners.

The "Black Satin" finish is very similar to that of historic motorcycle exhausts such as the Moto Guzzi Le Mans so is very popular with car and bike restorers.

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