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Camcoat's Ceramic Exhaust Coatings

TurboX Black and Blue

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Audi Exhaust Blue Bell

The TurboX range is a later development of the "Black Satin" coating. The black is slightly darker; the blue is royal blue when applied but lightens in use due to the effect of the exhaust gas heat. Both have the same temperature rating as "Black Satin" at 1000˚C.

TurboX ceramic coatings are very popular on exhaust tips and finishers. Most cars now have a styled exit to the exhaust pipe rather than a simple cut pipe. The TurboX exhaust coatings are hard wearing in those exposed situations and do not suffer irreparable damage when localised arc welding is needed to fit them.

A gloss finish can be obtained with the application of Camcoat's HHC clear high temperature exhaust ceramic coating.

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