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Camcoat's Ceramic Exhaust Coatings

"Cermakrome" high polish finish

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Timmermans Vespa

Camcoat's "Cermakrome" cermet exhaust coating has the highest level of chrome-like finish available. Rated to 760˚C it is recommended for exhaust manifolds that are highly visible such as side exhausts, top end kit cars and motorcycles/scooters.

This is a remarkable coating, developed from the NASA space programme, that is water based and cures at 260˚C to a green/white smooth powder finish. At Camcoat these manifolds are then put into a large vibratory trough machine filled with specially treated ceramic balls and a lubricant polishing soap for a period of time after which they come out looking almost like chrome. Highly polished ally would be a more exact description but, unlike stainless steel and chrome plating which both discolour with the heat of the exhaust gas after a matter of moments the "Cermakromed" exhaust will keep its polish for many years. In the event of tarnishing or even mild scratching the finish can be restored using very fine grade 0000 steel wool and chrome metal polish such as Autosol.

The "Cermakrome" finish is very resistant to all usual vehicle contaminants and has passed the 4000 salt spray test which confirms excellent corrosion resistance even in coastal areas.

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