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Camcoat's Internal Ceramic Exhaust Coatings

Neither plasma spray ceramic coatings nor exhaust wrap can be used inside exhausts

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TLHB Internal Q-Coat for Cast Iron
Race coating Q Coat

This unique internal ceramic exhaust coating can be used alone on chrome plated exhausts to reduce the problem of discolouration due to exhaust gas heat. A double or even triple internal coating in chrome plated manifolds, unpacked or unbaffled silencers and exhaust piping will reduce the temperatures reaching the chrome plating sufficiently to reduce or even eliminate the normal blueing effect on the chrome. Similarly on stainless steel exhausts with the gold/brown discolouration problem.

The more usual use is together with Camcoat's external ceramic exhaust coatings to provide improved thermal insulation with that extra layer of ceramic at the vital source of heat inside the exhaust manifold. With the exceptional resistance to all manner of chemicals it gives lasting protection to mild steel exhausts and can be used on a variety of components where corrosion resistance at high temperatures is required.

We are asked if the internal coating can come off and damage turbochargers - NO is the answer as, even if it did flake, the coating atomises into a harmless powder. We have never heard of any turbocharger damage from this internal coating in over 20 years.

The Q-Coat is used internally on cast iron maifolds.

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