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Leaders in the Automotive, Marine, Aero, Agricultural, Leisure, Industry, Food, Medical & Renewable Energy Sectors

What We Do

With over 25 years of experience, Camcoat Performance Coatings Ltd are industry leaders in the application of thin-film, multi-layer, multi-product coating technology. Specialising in the application of various ceramic products, designed to dissipate heat, insulate and provide a durable, smooth finish; We have a variety or base ceramics, applied beneath a selection of unique and insulating top-coat finishes; enabling us to tailor a specification to suit your needs. 


Our products are not only limited to external surfaces - we also provide lubricious and tough wear resistant characteristics to internal pipework, engines, pumps & more.   


All components for coating will receive a thorough decontamination and cleaning process prior to coating - allowing us to treat new and used components. Our products can be applied to many substrates. 

The typical DFT for our products is 20-microns. 

For your free no-obligation quote please get in touch via our contact form below.

Our Product Range & Services Include:

• Heat Insulation up to 38%

• Heat Dissipation up to 20%

• Release & Non-stick
• Wear Resistance
• Anti-Corrosion
• Lubrication
• Chemical Resistance
• Composite Coatings
• Dielectric Insulation
• Media Blasting
• Polishing
• Ceramic Anodising
• Type II Anodising

Quotes can be given against detailed photographs, CAD drawings or sight of components. 

We also offer a reliable and professional collection  & delivery service throughout the UK, Europe and internationally.


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Camcoat Performance Coatings Ltd
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